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  • 1. Once you contact us, one of our agents will help you find the ideal property for you to later negotiate the best price with the supplier.
  • 2. Once the offer has been accepted, an amount of € 6,000 must be paid to be able to withdraw the property from the market and thus carry out the relevant procedures with complete peace of mind.
  • 3. If you need financing for the purchase, we will look for the best loan conditions for you. In addition, exchange offices can help you save money when necessary.
  • 4. Once the legal process begins, and there are legal problems with your property, the deposit paid of 6,000 will be fully refundable.
  • 5. Two or three weeks after the initial reservation and legal searches, the contract will be signed and 10% of the full deposit will be paid, less the 6,000 already paid. The buyer will lose the money if he changes his mind and the seller must return double the deposit if he decides not to sell at this stage. The buyer and the seller will agree the end date before a notary public.
  • 6. Three or four weeks later, the purchase payment will be made, plus taxes and costs.
  • 7. It is all left to collect the keys and enjoy your new home.


  • – VAT: 10% on new properties.
  • – Transfer Tax on Resale Properties: 8% on properties of € 400,000 or less; 9% in properties between € 400,000 – € 700,000; 10% on properties over € 700,000.
  • – Stamp tax: 1.5% (only in new properties).
  • – Notary registration fee 1%.
  • – Lawyer 1%.
  • – Mortgage commissions 1% – 3% (in case a buyer obtains financing through from a bank).
  • – Municipal tax on real estate: varies depending on the property and is paid annually.
  • – Garbage rate: Depends on the area where the property is located and is usually annual.
  • – Community fees: in case the property is part of an apartment complex or an urbanization. It is paid monthly.
  • – Water, electricity, gas, telephone and Internet rates: paid by the user monthly or every two months.


If you have any questions about Kara Homes Marbella or about any of our properties, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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